Whirlpool Washer Parts – Most Popular Parts & Repairs

I would like to tell you about some of the more popular parts of the Whirlpool direct drive top load washers. Probably one of the more common part that breaks down is the Coupler 285753. The coupler is a vital parts because it  connects the motor and transmission together. If the coupler breaks, the washer will neither agitator or spin.

Other popular parts that might need repair are Lid switch, pump, agitator dogs, and spin basket drives. The lid switch 3949247 or 285671 is designed to shut the power off to the motor when the lid is raised while in the spin cycle. This is the case on all models. The newer model washer lid switches are designed to shut off the power to the washer in both the spin and wash cycle. The lid switch is made of a plastic housing and has two screws holding it to the cabinet. Because the lid is opened and closed so many times, the lid switch will separate or break around the mounting screws. This will cause the contacts inside the switch not to work properly.

The most common problem with the pump 3363892 or 3363394 is the seal will start leaking. If you notice water forming on the floor in the middle of the front panel, it’s a good chance that it’s the pump. You can tip the machine back toward the wall and take a look at the pump from underneath. The pump is attached to the front side of the motor with to clips. If you do notice water leaking, it is best to fix it right away because the water from the pump will rust the motor shaft and cause the pump to be stuck to the motor.

The agitator dogs 285770 are another popular problem with the two piece agitators. If the upper half of the agitator is not ratcheting back and forth with the lower half, then the dogs will need changed. The easiest way to check this is to try and turn the top half of the agitator (While the power is off to the washer)both directions. If the agitator turns both ways then the you need a dog kit.

The spin basket drive 285792 is probably the most difficult to diagnose and certainly to dishwasher repair los angeles  change. The basket drive is designed to keep the inner tub from sinning during the wash cycle and to engage the inner tub during the spin cycle. If you are experiencing your clothes dripping wet at the end of the spin cycle, then the basket drive is a good possibility. to figure out what the cause is, the first thing you would do is to fill the washer with water and see if it agitates. If it agitates then we know the coupler, motor, & a good chance the transmission is OK. After you have seen the washer agitating, then put the timer into the spin cycle. If after all the water is released, the inner tub should spin. You will need to open the lid and activate the lid switch to observe the tub action. If the inner tub does not spin, then you can try to start the spinning by pushing the tub with your hand.  If you can not get the tub to spin, it is most likely the basket drive.


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